What We Do

For customers invested in brand atmosphere, Plymold is an exclusive partner in producing, supplying, fulfilling and installing brand specific furniture and millwork.

Design Review

First impressions matter. We work with your Design Team to ensure our execution of your design concept performs in the manner you would expect and upholds the integrity of your brand. During this phase, we evaluate your design along with performance and volume requirements so we can design a program to fulfill your exact needs while meeting budgets.

Product Design

Customers have relied on our expertise in creating complete furniture packages for decades. Our experience solidifying design concepts and improving on products' weak points prior to production saves our customers’ time, money and frustration. When a design element only lives on paper, we turn to our Engineering Team to help bring it to life. We add value by taking a great design concept and transforming it into durable commercial furniture whose longevity in the field translates into a lower cost of ownership.

Project Execution

What matters to you, matters to us. Our dedicated Customer Support Team is invested in ensuring your success. From working with you to create your ideal atmosphere, managing project rollouts, to answering your product care questions, we strive to deliver an exceptional level of support. Upon receipt of your order we’ll work to meet your deadlines by consolidating shipments and facilitating installation according to your schedule; the project’s not complete until you’re satisfied.

Expansion Support

Growth is good! We respect the work you’ve put into building your brand and promise a similar commitment by producing consistent products for you and reliably delivering them when needed. Our experience serving restaurant chains allows us to offer dedicated manufacturing cells to help furnish aggressive expansion schedules. Multiple manufacturing plants coupled with our international sourcing capabilities, national and international expansion is possible. We are so committed to your success we even produce brand specific furniture spec books so your standards can be communicated throughout your system.

On Site Services

With hands-on experience manufacturing furniture, our installers arrive ready to adapt to issues that may arise on-site, and are skilled at modifying product in the field.

We take immense pride in ensuring our products function exactly as you expect. Our installation process sets the stage to get your project right. From site-measurement through install, our systematic approach reduces delays and helps to prevent costly errors.

We don’t stop at new. For tired furniture in need of a face lift, our Field Services Team is available for on-site reupholstery and refurbishing. Whether we made it or not, our team will examine the structure, provide necessary updates and get it looking as good as new.

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