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Committed to giving back.

Transparent Triangle
Transparent Triangle

Our parent company’s founder, Harold Nielsen, was committed to giving back to others. This spirit of philanthropy continues on through two company sponsored entities, The Foldcraft Foundation and the Community and Charitable Relations Committee (CCR).

The Foldcraft Foundation provides resources for activities and organizations which specifically foster social awareness and create change toward a more just, global society. Support is directed toward programs that assist recent immigrants in assimilating into the local community, local programs that educate area residents on third world issues, and programs that provide educational opportunities to the disenfranchised in third world countries. Grants are awarded annually to local agencies that provide support and programs in alignment with the foundation’s goals.


The Foldcraft Charitable and Community Relations Committee engages its employee-owners in charitable opportunities that give back to our local communities. Funded through an annual budget from Foldcraft Co, the CCR committee awards annual higher education scholarships to employee owners, their family members, as well as local high school seniors. American Red Cross Blood Drives, Earth Day clean-up events, local food shelf collections, and support of the Children’s Miracle Network are a few of the other activities that the CCR committee has coordinated.


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